WEB DESIGN process

One foot in front of the other, the right process is everything.




This is where we get to know you, where we learn who you are and what you want. This first step is essential to open the lines of communication and put us on the best possible ground in representing you back to yourself and out to the world. Discovery involves discussion and research using methods such as, but not limited to, mood boards and the presentation of inspirational materials.

no. 2


After we get to know you, this next step involves setting up a wire frame website for your approval, content migration from old site (if this is a rebuild), and a complete content and tone audit through our copywriter/information architect to make sure that the voice of the site speaks for you and to your audience.

No. 3


This stage will consist of a completed website re-design with fully implemented site architecture and content. It is our recommendation that we also build your new site to be Mobile Responsive (able to function appropriately on tablet and smartphone devices) as portability of you and your message is key in this marketplace.

no. 4

QA (Quality Assurance)

The fourth stage consists of finessing the site design and fine-tuning individual page content. It will also involve a full browser sweep for bugs and device inconsistencies involving HTML, CSS, jQuery, and Java Script. Final copy-editing and testing will also occur along with tutorials for your staff on how to maintain the blog in-house.