Client: Jenna Halik
Agency: Young Athenians
Art Direction: Kim Kirby & Jenna Halik
Web Development: Kim Kirby

Uniting impeccable vintage style with innovative salon techniques, Pageboy  brought an entirely new salon concept to Athens, GA, and we brought that to its website.

This site was built with love for our friend's at Pageboy Salon, a rare gem set in Athens, GA's, personal care and fashion scene. Along with the website, this project was one of our first forays into environmental design, which we performed with no demo team nor architect. Young Athenians worked with Pageboy on everything, from choosing the colors and lighting, to installing the signage and filling the shampoo room with tropical plants.

Social marketing was key to helping this new salon along, so we built the site to feed out to Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Making a salon for the digital age also involved building in a 24 hour booking system and customizing it to fit the needs of Pageboy staff. 

Along the way, we came up with a solution for the disused back room. A gentlemen's only barbershop we named, where men can be men and enjoy a Mid-Century American version of the English Gentlemen's Club.