New Creation Soda Works™


Client: New Creation Soda Works
Agency: Young Athenians
Art Direction: Kim Kirby

Young Athenians is Helping to birth another Rock star brand in Athens, Georgia

One of the best things about Athens is undoubtedly its unique culture, which has always rolled deep in terms of art and music, but the Classic City is also quickly and steadily gaining recognition for its craft breweries and food industry thanks to Creature Comforts, Terrapin, and the Branded Butcher (to name a few). Now there’s a new soda company ready to emerge on the scene with their incredibly delicious and all-natural, locally-crafted sodas. New Creation Soda Works is the brainchild of Paul and Carla Kooistra, inspired by Paul’s grandfather’s soda shoppe that he frequented throughout his childhood. With interesting flavor palettes like their first soda, the strawberry habanero Nada, an upcoming blackberry basil soda, and their secret family recipe for Root Beer, their concoctions are fresh, flavorful, and downright refreshing.

We were lucky enough to partner with New Creation Soda Works to design their packaging and company logo before the release of Nada in September. We knew we wanted to create a design that was in line with the hometown feel of New Creation (and our favorite city – Athens), so Kim set to work on a clean-lined design with stylistic elements that would easily adapt to each upcoming seasonal release from New Creation. One of our favorite quirks about this design is also the only true creative request from the Kooistras – the Nada jackass. As a copywriter, this was more than entertaining for me, as the possibilities for witty slogans seemed infinite. After toying around with “the perfect soda to sit on your (jackass) and do Nada,” we landed on something with a little bit more Southern charm – a little bit classier and less smart-assier – that sums up Nada perfectly: “Best enjoyed on a creaky porch, listening to the sounds of the South and doin' Nada.” Ahhh. I can hear the cicadas now.

So, what are you waiting for?