Juice Served Here™

Client: Juice Served Here
Agency: Young Athenians
Art Direction: Kim Kirby

The hottest fleet of juice bars in Los Angeles needed a hot website.  We rose to the challenge understanding that its motto is: "NEVER CONVENTIONAL." From the retail design, to the packaging and the website, nothing about Juice Served Here has been conventional. And that has clearly worked for them.

From its West Hollywood location, Juice Served Here has set the standard for juice bars for the rest of LA, and maybe the whole country. Whether you are on a cleanse or just want a delicious smoothie, Juice Served Here will take care of you with grace and style. With the help of world renowned brand designer Jason Bleik, we created a new kind of web presence for this juice bar, a store with eyes on expansion. We couldn't be more proud of this project or more thankful to the Juice Served Here team for the opportunity to shine.