DIRT, Eat Clean™

Client: DIRT
Agency: Young Athenians
Art Direction: Kim Kirby
Copyriter: Jordan Rothacker

DIRT is a farm-to-table restaurant in SoBe, Miami, on a mission to deliver innovative, delicious, healthy cuisine with excellent hospitality in a clean, uplifting environment that everyone can enjoy.

DIRT is where clean eating and great taste coexist in Miami Beach. DIRT is a new fine food served fast dining experience in Miami Beach: a farm-to-counter eatery and wellness bar combining fresh, great-tasting food with health, convenience and simplicity. Simply put, DIRT believes in high-quality, nutritious food, served quickly and affordably. 

The web site we built for them is exactly as requested, definitive, refined, minimalist and innovative. We are especially proud of the extensive online menus, slide shows and animations we custom built for them. Please go take a look for yourself and enjoy the gentle animations that reflect the lapping waves of Miami Beach.