Carol John Portfolio

Client: Carol John
Agency: Young Athenians
Web Development: Kim Kirby

Carol John is an artist and designer living in Athens, Georgia. John's work expresses her love of color, language, and pop graphics. It was the task of Young Athenians to translate her work into an easy, uncomplicated portfolio site.

Carol John's work has been exhibited up and down the east coast, and her reputation for creating monolithic paintings that pulsate with life is well deserved. We had already been exposed to John's work due to her massive influence on the art scene in Athens, Georgia before she approached us to build her website. As owner of Arrow Gallery and DOC Unlimited with her equally talented husband Carl Martin, she has contributed in various ways to shifting the very axis of the Athens scene.

Her work can only be truly described using onomatopoeia. So to be brief and concise we leave you with our summation.... BOOM!