Buster's Bitters

Client: Buster's Bitters
Agency: Young Athenians
Art Direction: Kim Kirby
Copywriting: Kim Kirby

Buster's Bitters offers "a drop of distinction"

We were presented with a fun market challenge. No one has yet tackled and really nailed the bartenders secret ingredient... AROMATIC BITTERS. A local mixologist from one of our favorite farm to table restaurants approached us with the task of transforming his homemade bitters into a real market offering. The result was Buster's Bitters.

Buster's Bitters was a top to bottom brand delivery. We were presented with a delicious ingredient that packed maximum punch but had no identity, message or focus. We delivered a brand first label design to help this grass roots aromatic bitters brand grow from one product offering to four. We helped create the name, based on the client's bff/dog "Buster" and coined the phrase "a drop of distinction" to use as a tag line.  We created recipes to go on the side of the bottles and wrote all of the copy to suit adventurous appetites. When it was all done we encouraged the brands online presence with a custom branded Tumblr. Check it out!