Levvel Financial IT

The James Bond of IT.

With eyes on becoming the McKinsey of IT Consulting, this crack team of skilled coders and business minds needed a rebranding and new website. Young Athenians rose to this exciting challenge, giving LEVVEL a new name and whole new look.


In our high-tech world where computers and software are a part of every aspect of life, we need people to keep this world safe and up and running. Levvel is a team of IT consultants who can whisk on in to any business and save the day. And not just that day, they can consult and plan and train to make sure future days run smoothly with integrated technology and business. Young Athenians understood all of this about Latta Partners (old name) and developed a rebrand through new logo, name, and web design to appear as the state-of-the-art team of badass coders and consultants they truly are.


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