"Wanna see something cool?"

...are the first words I heard when I came into the office today. This is honestly not an unusual start to the day at Young Athenians, but nonetheless I pop into Kim's office to check it out - a 3D-rendered portrait of one of our interns, on the computer screen behind her. "Check it out, it's Blair," she says, grinning proudly. I immediately recognized Blair's features and started to laugh. This is just too cool. Kim clicks on part of 3D-model-Blair's face and distorts it. Changes her hair color. Gives her camo pants, for some reason - I never knew Blair to be a huntress. "You can create and change all of it, just right from your computer," she tells me, rapt. 

At Young Athenians, we're always learning new methods of content creation, brushing up on our skills, keeping abreast of the newest trends and software programs that we can use in our designs and to make our clients even happier. Lo, and behold, Adobe Fuse: a new "3D modeling app" that lets you not only create human characters, but animate them within photoshop. 

As Kim jokingly tells me, before turning back to her 3D-model-Blair, "If you were ever one of those people who spent hours customizing or changing your avatar in a video game, have fun falling down this rabbit hole." 

Check back for a follow-up post once 3D-model-Blair is complete!