Carol John Portfolio

Carol John is an artist and designer living in Athens, Georgia. John's work expresses her love of color, language, and pop graphics. It was the task of Young Athenians to translate her work into an easy, uncomplicated portfolio site.

Lambent Services

A boutique agency for personal and professional assistant placement, Lambent Services is making big buzz in the press. Accordingly, the agency required a website that expressed a sense of style and cosmopolitanism, while strongly communicating the care and trust integral in such a service.

Holland & Company

Through years of antiquing in Europe, Holland&Company has gained an in-depth knowledge of period furnishings and an eye for great design. Those at H&C came to us for a design that would retain the Old World style of the brand for a contemporary Internet presence.

Levvel Financial IT

The James Bond of IT. With eyes on becoming the McKinsey of IT Consulting, this crack team of skilled coders and business minds needed a rebranding and new website. Young Athenians rose to this exciting challenge, giving LEVVEL a new name and whole new look.


Alt Summit

Altitude Design Summit, or ALT, is the premier business conference for pioneering bloggers and rookie bloggers alike. After expanding its locations to include NYC, San Francisco, and Salt Lake City, it needed a bigger, more robust site to accommodate its extended offerings.